Privacy Policy

Studyextra does not share any personal information of clients with third party or any organization. Privacy Policy is the set of rules, which are prepared for Studyextra teams and you (students/ parents/ clients).

How can we use your Information?

Generally we collect your information like your contact number, email id, about your class so that we can take students feedback regarding our services.

Students can easily contact with us if they have any query or need other study materials. We may also contact in accordance privacy set by you.

When you are registered on website, all details are automatically store in our database. This is helpful for both students and us.

Suppose Company decides that it gives special offer and other benefits to win any prize for our customers. If you are register in our database then we will inform you about new offers.

Suppose Studyextra launches any online courses in free or free sample, if student are registered in database, then we will inform by email, telephone about this.

Contact us :

If students have any doubt regarding privacy policy can mail us at Feel free to contact us by email or call to give any suggestion and feedback.